Zviedrija "Nybrodraget 2017" - 28./29.10.2017.

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Zviedrija "Nybrodraget 2017" - 28./29.10.2017.

Postby BlackElizabeth » 13 Sep 2017, 14:57

Informācija, ko man atsūtīja organizatori angļu valodā:

Welcome to Nybrodraget 2017
World Cup event in dryland

Friday 27th of October, 2017
17:00- 20:45 Opening hours for the registration office. It is in the building/café at the race site.
21:00 Mandatory musher meeting in the building/café at the race site.
NOTE: Mushers not attending
the meeting will be taken off the starting list and are not allowed to start the race.

Saturday 28th of October, 2017
10:00 First start
15:00 (approx) Children’s race
19:00 Musher’s dinner at the restaurant Barones

Sunday 29th of October, 2017
9:00 First start
Relay starts approximately 40 minutes after the last competitor crosses the finish line.
Prize cermony: In the building/café at the race site, 1 hour after the race has ended.

IFSS rules but in Sweden we have 3 different groups for breeds.
A: Crossbreed and Pointing breed
B: Purebred dogs except pointing breed, Dobermann and Siberian Husky.
C: Dobermann and Siberian Husky.
Vaccination rules according to SKK’s (Swedish Kennel Club) rules. Mushers must bring certificate of pedigree, proof/certificate of vaccinations as well as a completed chip-list form.
If you are travelling from abroad it is your own responsibility to know and follow the rules and regulations for entering Sweden with dogs.

Race categories and distances per heat:
CaniCross: 4,3 km
CaniCross youth: 2,6 km
Bike/1 dog scooter: 4,3 km
Rig/2 dog scooter: 5,4 km

There must be at least 3 competitors in each category. If less than 3 competitors the category will be transferred to the previous category.
There will be no adjustments made to the starting list due to mushers competing in more than one category.

NOTE: New trails for this year as a test for the European Championship 2018.

Entry fees:
Adults and veterans: 300 SEK
Juniors and youths: 200 Sek
Relay: 300 SEK per team.
Registration: Register by e-mail to nybrodrag@hotmail.com no later than 16th of October 2017.

Children’s race:
A children’s race is arranged, distance approx 500 meters. Prizes for all the children.
Registration for the children’s race is made at the registration office or directly to the judge on Saturday.

Non-competition class/Motionsklass:
Saturday only. Price 100 SEK per start. Register by e-mail to nybrodraget@hotmail.com.

Musher dinner: Price 160 SEK (three-course dinner). Sign up at nybrodrag@hotmail.com no later than 16th of October, 2017.

Staying overnight (camping) at the race site: Price 50 SEK. Talk to the people at the registration office and they will assign you a place.

NOTE: All fees are payable to Nybro Draghundsklubb IBAN: SE59 8000 0816 9593 4565 4215 ​
BIC: SWEDSESS and must be in the account no later than the 20th of October, 2017. If your payment is not in the account on time your entry is cancelled and you are not allowed to start the race!
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